Pedagogy and Curriculum

Pinkan Blue has put together a dedicated team of teachers and in-house curriculum specialist to work on the curriculum development. The team is headed by Nehal Jagirdar. The team’s diligent efforts ensure creation of fun filled, well researched, well rounded and constantly updated curriculum. Pinkan Blue Preschool stresses the all round development of the child – emotional, physical, cognitive and social. Our curriculum leverages on the "early learning goals" from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), UK, and the work of The Centre on the Developing Child and HGSE at Harvard University. We have established broad developmentally appropriate learning milestones for each learning area and age-group. We have developed a very well defined theme based curriculum and corresponding teachers’ implementation manual for all our programs.

Apart from in-house designed curriculum, we also source various play equipments and learning aides from specialized vendors across the country. Our curriculum development efforts are aimed at facilitating integrated learning of our children by inculcating the spirit of exploration, play and social interaction. The key elements of our curriculum are

Concepts Development

The basic tenet behind our concept development efforts is that the role of teacher is that of the facilitator and the children learn the most when concepts are presented in a non-threatening environment that is full of structured play, active investigation and other fun filled activities. Accordingly, we aim to capitalize on each child’s innate tendency to learn by exploring the world around her. Research shows that children have better comprehension and retention if concepts are presented in a manner that is best suited to their developmental stage. Various age appropriate concepts are presented in numerous activities, rhymes and songs, games, puzzles, work sheets and hands-on practical experiences.

Motor Coordination Skills

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements which occur e.g., small muscles controlling the hands, fingers, thumb etc., usually in coordination with the eyes. The development of these skills allows one to be able to complete tasks such as writing, drawing, and buttoning. Painting, solving puzzles, playdough, cutting, threading and playing with blocks are some of the activities that are aimed at developing fine motor skills.

A child needs to be physically strong. Gross motor skills are big motor skills and vary from simple skills like sitting, standing and walking to more complex ones like running, jumping, hoping, maintaining balance & changing positions. They require balance and coordination. Various outdoor and physical activities are aimed at developing gross motor skills.

Development of gross and fine motor skills facilitates accomplishment of many functional and complex tasks later in life. Our efforts towards building motor skills culminate into an Annual Sports Day.

Letterland Phonics and Literacy Development

Literacy development is a basic skill that calls for mastering complex processes involving doing many things simultaneously. It’s a method of personal communication and permits sharing of ideas and knowledge later on. According to the latest brain research, the early childhood period i.e. birth through age eight is the most critical for literacy development. We start with pre-reading activities and gradually encourage children to expand their reading skills through a multi-sensory approach. Language readiness involves understanding sounds, recognizing letters and knowledge of phonics. Pinkan Blue Preschool is the first preschool in Surat to implement Letterland Child Friendly Phonics Program. Letterland Phonics is an innovative, creative and story based method of learning phonics. In letterland world, every letter has a character and stories attached based on different characters. Children develop the knowledge of phonics through fun-filled, creative and imaginative manner. Many sophisticated schools across the world are offering Letterland Child Friendly Phonics program which make reading, speaking and writing easy later on in schools. Similarly, our carefully designed activities are aimed at acquiring pre-writing skills in a learner friendly environment. We realize that each child is an individual and offer reading and emergent writing activities that match the current skill levels and encourage new ones. One area of development supports the other. Our endeavor is to make every child ready for more formal work later in school and life.

Multiple Language Development

While the official method of instruction is in the English language, we stimulate the knowledge and use of three languages (English, Gujarati and Hindi) which in turn promote more brain connections early on. These connections form a very important part of an individuals’ intellectual bank later on in life. We promote multiple language development through the following activities.

  • By having conversations with the teachers and classmates
  • Answering relevant questions in the classroom
  • Following instructions in numerous activities
  • Frequently reciting high frequency words
  • Writing and reading names and simple words
  • Creating songs, singing songs, dictation and writing

Left Brain Development

Proficiencies in words, problem solving, reasoning, math and number concepts are the skills that fall within the realms of the left brain. We encourage children to learn various number and math concept at their own pace through hands-on practical experiences, worksheets and the use of audio-visual aids. Emphasis is also laid on activities that promote language development and instill confidence in the children to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and impressions of the world around them. Left brain development prepares children for extensive studies in school in future.

Right Brain Development

The right brain is associated with artistic ability like singing, painting, writing poetry as wells as important qualities in life such as leadership. We encourage child’s right brain development through music, dramatic play and creative arts. Through recognition of patterns, shapes and sizes children are encouraged to see things as a whole. Various crafts, drawing and painting, lead to newer ways of connecting with the objects and images in the immediate environment. Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction help each child explore creatively and build self-esteem. Our music and dance sessions apart from being a source of self expression also promote expanded concentration and improved listening abilities. Music and dance sessions culminate into a vibrant Annual Program that is full of creative performances by our little ones.

Frequent Field Trips and In-house Visits

Field trips are a source of great fun for our children and give them an opportunity to learn from direct contact with the environment. We at Pinkan Blue organize monthly field trips to places such as temples, police station, fire station, zoo, hospitals etc. We also have in-house trips by community helpers such as a doctor, nurse, cobbler, gardener etc. We strongly believe that our field trips enable children to increase their awareness about the environment in which all of us live, contribute towards their social development and help strengthen their bonds with the family, friends teachers and their inner circle.

Socio-emotional Development

It’s important for children to develop social skills and their own value system in a manner that promotes their life experiences later on. Emphasis is laid on the need to express, share and get acceptance which are paramount for socio-emotional development. Similarly, qualities such as cooperating, delaying gratification and responding to others feelings are inculcated through various group activities. Our aim is to create a strong foundation for the development of high emotional quotient in all our children, a quality that becomes increasingly important as children mature and set out to accomplish complex people tasks in a more dynamic world.

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